Decorative Exterior Concrete

Easily transform the look of your exterior concrete surface with a stamped concrete overlay or stained finish. Repair and rejuvenate your exterior concrete. Our expert staff can guide you to the perfect solution to beautify your outdoor concrete.

Decorative Exterior Concrete

Decorative exterior concrete options for driveways, pool decks, patios and other surfaces.

Decorative Concrete Overlay

  • Spray Overlay
  • Broom Repair Overlay
  • Vertical Spray Overlay
  • Vertical Stamp Overlay

Exterior Sealers:

  • HS 260: Sealer with a Satin Finish
  • HS 360: Seals Knockdown, Broom Finish, Stencil Patterns concrete overlay
  • Super WB: Applications include both vertical and horizontal concrete surfaces
  • Deco Guard and Deco Guard Plus - Advanced formula for Re-Seals