Our Leadership

Barton Supply was founded in 1973 by the Barton family and is still a family-operated business. Don Barton acts as President, while his cousin, Scott Barton, acts as Vice President. Both Don and Scott oversee all company-related initiatives. Kodiak Building Partners acquired Barton in July 2011.

Our Leadership

Our Leadership

Don Barton


C: 303-472-7917 P: 303-576-2200 *5802 E: DBarton@barton-supply.com

Scott Barton

Senior Vice President

C: 303-472-2073 P: 303-576-2200 *5803 E: SBarton@barton-supply.com

Cody Brooks

Director of Sales

C: 303-434-0268 P: 303-576-2200 *5813 E: cbrooks@barton-supply.com

Ryan Pankoski

Director of Operations

C: 303-434-2083 P: 303-576-2200 *5806 E: RPankoski@barton-supply.com

Dominic Mazza

Director of Structural Steel

C: 720-355-2572 P: 303-576-2200 *5918 E: dmazza@barton-supply.com

Suzanne Michaels, CPA

Director of Accounting

C: 303-908-0651 P: 303-576-2200 *5814 E: SMichaels@barton-supply.com