4 Budget Friendly Exterior Decorative Concrete Overlays

concrete decorative exterior

When you take pride of ownership of your property, exterior appeal matters. The great thing about exterior decorative concrete overlays is that they cost so little and give so much. Whether it’s a commercial building, residential multi-family complex or your home, you can elevate curb appeal by adding a decorative concrete overlay. Since nearly every property includes concrete elements — such as sidewalks, driveways, steps, porches, patios, exposed foundations or walls — every structure has a blank canvas waiting for an attractive concrete feature.

Concrete overlay products combine cement, fine aggregate or sand with a polymer binder. Unlike topping a slab with ordinary concrete that may separate, overlay products with polymer binders go on as thin as a credit card or as thick as half an inch and adhere extremely well. The polymer “glue” creates a tough, durable adhesion that holds up under foot traffic, auto weight and our Rocky Mountain freeze/thaw cycles.

If you choose ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) as the polymer, you get a more synthetic appearance but a more flexible overlay. For a more natural concrete look, you should use acrylic polymer. With acrylic, the overlay will be rigid as well as tough. For surfaces that don’t call for a little flex, acrylic is a great way to go. Add color dyes and texture techniques in any way you can imagine for practically infinite design possibilities.

The main exterior concrete overlay systems include horizontal spray, broom repair, vertical spray and vertical stamp.

Spray Overlay

By using a spray overlay technique, you can create patterns using stencils, tape, SureCrete Eco-Stain™ or all of the above. Applied with a hopper gun and compressed air, you can lay down as little as one coat or as many as you desire to create a perfectly beautiful concrete surface. Spray overlay also makes the addition of a non-slip surface quite easy. Trowel on a thick coat for decorative stamping.

Broom Repair Overlay

What if you don’t want fancy colors or artistic finishes? To make old cracked and spalling concrete look new again, you can broom on a repair overlay in gray or white. SureCrete’s Sure Broom product, when properly applied and cured, can withstand over 6,000 psi, making it perfect for driveways.

Vertical Spray Overlay

To make ordinary walls eye-catching displays, add a vertical spray-on or trowel-on overlay to replicate the look of knockdown stucco, Venetian plaster and more. The lightweight mix won’t slump and will protect the wall from weather. If you want to extend the overlay past the concrete wall, you probably can. Using the right SureCrete product and substrate preparation, you can apply to plywood, polystyrene foam, drywall and other building surfaces including those with paint.

Vertical Stamp Overlay

For a more artistic vertical overlay, use the SureCrete Wall Stamp mix. With a thick coat, you can stamp patterns or even carve free-hand designs. A 3/4-inch application will have little or no slump and becomes ready for tooling when it’s dried enough to no longer stick to your finger. Retaining walls, accent walls, fireplace surrounds, patio bars and indoor accent walls serve as excellent fixtures for custom concrete overlay art.

SureCrete Concrete Products

Of course, SureCrete overlay concrete products easily mix with tints and support finishes from rough-textured to high-gloss coatings. Yes, you can even polish a decorative concrete floor. Be sure to add a the sealant to lock in your art for many years to come.

Discover Your Perfect Decorative Concrete Overlay

Barton Supply has all the experience and expertise to help homeowners and professionals design the perfect decorative overlay. Our SureCrete products and accessories offer concrete contractors the tools they need to expand their business opportunities. They’re designed specifically for ease of use so you can complete your jobs timely and move on to your next project quickly.

Be sure to speak with our expert staff before you start your exterior concrete overlay. They’ll guide you to the right tools and materials you need for a successful exterior concrete overlay. Partner with Barton to improve your property’s curb appeal.

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