plasma cutting table

3 Reasons a Plasma Cutting Table Benefits Your Construction Projects

Once you’ve won the construction project, completed the back-slapping, fist bumps and high fives with your team, it’s time to get down to business. You know your final victory lap won’t happen until you’ve completed the project with precision, on time and, with luck, under budget. You should select your steel fabricator with those goals […]

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structural steel certified supplier

Why Your Construction Steel Supplier Should Be AISC Certified

Should you care if your construction steel supplier goes to the heavy expense and trouble to become AISC certified? That depends. Do you want your job to proceed efficiently and safely? Do you expect a structure that will pass code and, more importantly, stand and perform perfectly throughout its expected lifecycle? A Very Brief History of the AISC […]

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Barton Supply Steel Camber Process

Curve, Camber and Sweep in Structural Steel Beams

When designing with structural steel, does it have to be all straight runs, angles and joints? Fortunately, the answer is no. One of the many virtues of structural steel includes its ductility — the ability to undergo tension and compression while still remaining as strong as ever. Therefore, nothing prevents a steel beam from being bent into […]

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proper void placement

Concrete Void Forms: One Way to Deal with Colorado’s Expansive Soils

When pondering natural hazards in Colorado, we might think of lightning strikes, violent hailstorms, wind, blizzards, flash floods, meteorites and maybe even Bigfoot. But the number one natural hazard, according to the Colorado Geological Survey, actually comes from the ground. It takes the dreaded form of swelling soils and heaving bedrock. […]

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rebar packs for residential construction

Building on a Solid Foundation: Rebar Packs for Residential Construction

Few things cause as much excitement and anxiety as planning a new home from the ground up. It’s your chance to create the perfect living space according to your dreams and budget. To ensure your home will stand for generations to come, you need a solid foundation. Can a poured-in-place concrete foundation hold up over […]

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2019 Front Range Construction Outlook: Does It Still Look Rosy?

By late 2017, construction industry leaders predicted that the Colorado Front Range economy would continue to boom throughout 2018. So it has. As predicted, the influx of large tech companies — Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple and others — devoured a good chunk of available commercial and residential inventory. The Denver/Boulder communities saw most of the tech development. Yet […]

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structural steel building colorado

3 Considerations when Deciding Between Glulam and Steel for Your New Construction

It’s nice to have options. New construction can incorporate a number of structural support elements, the basic three being steel, wood or concrete. One product attempting to rival the properties of structural steel is glue laminated timber or glulam. Would your new Colorado construction project benefit most from steel or from several layers of dimensional lumber […]

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structural design

Live Loads vs. Dead Loads in Structural Design

Structural design is all about calculating loads. The engineering firm Nishkian offers a succinct description: “Loads are commonly understood as forces that cause stresses, deformations, or accelerations. These loads are applied to a structure or its components that cause stress or displacement.” From the general concept of “load” comes two major categories: dead loads and […]

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5 Reasons to Use a Balanced or Cantilever Footing

The child’s game of Tiddlywinks demonstrates the principles of eccentric loads. When certain property and design limitations result in offset centers of gravity between a column or wall and its footing pad, you need to engage a balancing act. Otherwise, your footings can tilt or overturn after the fashion of a Tiddlywink disk bearing pressure on its edge. […]

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