Build With Polished Concrete Floors? Yes, Please!

Seen in a variety of building environments, polished concrete floors leave a lasting impression. Better in most applications than hardy epoxy-coated systems and far more impervious than waxed surfaces, polished concrete opens up a whole new array of residential and commercial opportunities for builders and remodelers. From the basic factory floor to hotels, retail complexes, museums, lobbies and […]

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Structural Steel vs. Light Gauge Framing

Steel has long been a favored material for large construction projects since the inception of industrial-level manufacturing. Without it, skyscrapers couldn’t exist. Understand Building Construction explains the reason why. Steel, unlike masonry, wood and other construction support materials, has a terrific strength-to-weight ratio and flexes with force. The ductile feature of steel renders this super strong […]

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5 Advantages of Using Steel Frame Building Materials for Your Next Construction Project

Steel frame building materials are growing in popularity, and in some places around the world, steel is actually displacing timber as the primary framing material for both residential and non-residential buildings. In the United Kingdom, for instance, 90% of one-story industrial buildings and 70% of multiple story industrial and commercial buildings make use of steel […]

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8 Reasons Concrete Construction is a Sustainable Building Material

With the green revolution fully underway, the question of concrete as a sustainable construction substance has to arise sooner or later. Should architects and engineers now consider alternatives in order to comply with the global demand for low-impact building materials? Science, historical data and common sense all say no. Just the opposite is true. Concrete’s […]

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